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strategy + consulting + delivery Ensuring you impress your colleagues, boss, and even your mother-in-law around the clock

Core Competencies Comms strategy + delivery At Von Peach, we don't just think outside the box; we've reimagined the entire box! From plotting to perfecting, our masterminds craft inventive plans and deliver creative experiences that give your organisation or project the edge it needs and deserves. Content Creation Our Creative Direction of Events Whether it’s virtual or online, Von Peach's event maestros orchestrate moments that leave a lasting impression. From event concept and curation to creative direction, agenda building and even public speaking, we can go as big or bold as you want. So, be it a corporate meeting, a yearly team event or a launch, say goodbye to mundane gatherings and hello to memorable instances. Branding Von Peach's branding experts breathe life into your vision. We work with you to give it a face and a language that represents what you stand for and resonates with your audience. Get ready to leave your mark.
Communication Campaigns Crafting conversations that count! Communication is an art, and we're the virtuosos. Von Peach's campaigns don't just speak; they resonate. Join us on a journey of compelling messaging that captivates and converts. Pitch Creation Words, Visuals, Magic! Von Peach's content creators bank on authenticity. They spin words into gold and visuals into stories. Allow us to adorn your digital canvas with content that shapes your audience's emotions.
At Von Peach, pitch creation is our forte. We don't do standard decks - we personalize presentations using visual storytelling that immediately connects with your board, committee, client or prospective client. Heck, our slides don’t even look like slides. Get ready to win over hearts and deals with this pitch-perfect parade. Microsoft Sharepoint intranet portals
Nothing says “no thank you” more than busy Microsoft sharepoint intranet portals. In today’s world, news is reduced to bite sizes, training gamified and technical content re-thought and visualized. Von Peach understands that. Our portals are central to our communication campaigns and house a dynamic array of content that keep engagement and relevance.

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Pharma Client As a small but growing company, we needed a communication partner who could understand our unique challenges and help us stand out. Von Peach has been that partner and more. Their innovative and tailored strategies have significantly boosted our brand awareness and client engagement. We couldn’t be happier with the results! Zürich Insurance "We made it to the final rounds. Decision by client should be announced anytime soon. Let's keep the hit ratio at 100%" AMEX You, the Ladies from von Peach are amazing. I truly enjoyed working with you. Thank you for everything ! Zürich Insurance The audience was melting like chocolate!! Lots of positive vibes and buying signals. First reaction when projecting the first slide was..."WOW"!
Fusion Consulting You're great girls! thanks so much for your work & patience with us Pharma Client Working with Von Peach has been a game-changer for our company. Their creative approach to communication in the pharmaceutical industry has helped us connect with our clients in ways we never thought possible. What our clients say Testimonials

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